High-Tech present at joint BAES & MoD SC21 Training Event

BAE Systems - MOD

Event held on the 21&22nd June at MAS, Ribble Restaurant, Warton

Objectives of the Event.


·To provide awareness and experience of the SC21
 Programme, its processes and the diagnostic and
 development tools

·To provide an opportunity to get hands-on experience of
 using the tools with some of our suppliers who have
 signed-up to SC21 but have yet to implement their
improvement programme

·To provide training and a "Launch Position" for some of
 our Key Operational Suppliers

·To build relationships between BAES, MoD and Suppliers
 and initiate SC21 Key Customer Groups

High-Tech were asked to give a presentation on the benefits of being actively engaged on the SC21 programme.


MD Steve Tickner and SC21 Change Agent John Chopping explained how SC21 is transforming the company and has now become a culture in the way High-Tech do business.


Tickner comments " We are always keen to help promote SC21 and were delighted to give feedback on how the programme is helping us continually improve and sustain our business "


Ken Roy, MoD Representative on the SC21 Development & Performance Special Interest Group


"High-Tech Engineering Ltd gave an extremely valuable support to this recent Joint BAE Systems & MoD SC21 Event. The company's performance in respect of Manufacturing and Business Excellence is most noteworthy. The Managing Director's enthusiasm for SC21 and his leadership of his company on this improvement programme are also worthy of recognition: as SC21 talked about as being ‘a culture' with High-Tech. This is not the first time High-Tech has presented at a SC21 event. The audience gain much from the questions and answers session."


Jeannette Medati, Head of Procurement - Supplier Management and People Capability BAE Systems


High-Tech did it yet again........

"A big thank you to Steve and John for a job well done. The enthusiasm and sincerity that is relayed in the presentation is infectious. We had attendees to the event leaving on a real high with a clear message as to what can be achieved if you put your mind to it. The team at High-Tech should be proud of what has been achieved so far. You are deemed a shining example of success within our industry and I have every confidence that the effort will pay off. Well done."