High-Tech Engineering SC21 Silver Recognition

Steve Tickner receiving the SC21 Silver Award for High Tech Engineering.

High-Tech Engineering have become the 1st company within the UK to sustain and improve on the ADS SC21 programme.

High-Tech Engineering is a specialist precision engineering company based in Houghton Regis, employing 27 people and supplying the motor sport, aerospace and defence sectors. Their MD, Steve Tickner, recognised SC21 as the future of the aerospace & defence industry consequently High-Tech became an SC21 signatory and immediately joined the SBAC SIG (special interest group) for performance & development. Having attended several Gardner/GKN SC21 events, High-Tech Engineering engaged TEC to initially undertake the in-depth SC21 diagnostics that provided the input to their first Continuous Sustainable Improvement Plan.

The company then embarked on a 12-month programme to implement the improvement activities identified in their CSIP culminating in one of the first SC21 Bronze Recognition Awards that was presented by GKN Aerospace at TUV in September 2008.

Not content with the existing high levels of sustained delivery and quality performance High-Tech Engineering continued their drive for excellence and have now become the first organization to demonstrate SC21 sustainability and in the process they have also extended their SC21 business group and gained a substantial amount of new work and approval to BAE Systems. Their improved Business Excellence and Manufacturing Excellence scores coupled with the improvements in quality and delivery resulted in the presentation of an SC21 Silver Recognition Award at the SC21 Task Force Meeting on 15 October 2009.

To quote Steve Tickner (MD): "The SC21 journey has fundamentally changed our company and is continuing to do so. The CSIP has given focus and some additional formality to our ongoing improvement process. It has also become something that is visible to employees and customers alike. We are now delighted to announce that we will be continuing our SC21 activities under the guidance of BAE Systems."

Tickner comments: " Since the beginning we have always recognised the real commitment BAE have shown in driving the SC21 programme forward and to have the opportunity of engaging with a customer who encourages sustainable improvement is a big step forward in our overall goal of achieving Gold recognition and world class status" .

Quote from Ross Harrison BAE Systems Supplier Improvement Specialist :

"High Tech engineering first came to the attention of BAE Systems INSYTE due to their performance on the SC21 programme, they have since become one of our key suppliers. Their enthusiasm, and attitude towards sustained levels of high performance and a continued drive for improvement are very encouraging. It is pleasure to work with such a responsive and engaged supplier and I look forward to seeing the mutual benefits that will inevitably result from the relationship as it matures"

Quote from Phil Curnock AIDIS Project Manager - SC21

“High-Tech Engineering have led the way in SC21 in moving from Bronze to Silver demonstrating continuous sustainable world class performance.”