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Top quality service where it all started!

Posted by Lauren Jones, Marketing Consultant

Being founded to supply to the very demanding F1 motorsport industry meant that, from day one, High Tech Engineering has had to focus on customer service. The need to deliver parts on time and in full developed a culture dedicated to high performance levels.

When asked about customer service and how it is embedded in company ethos, Steve Tickner, managing director, said: "From the start we were told we would be solely judged on the quality and delivery of our parts. Poor quality and late deliveries was a recipe for disaster because, back then, buyers were totally responsible for what they sourced as any issues regarding quality and delivery was attributed to them”.

After meeting these expectations, High Tech Engineering quickly developed a reputation as a supplier to trust. Buyers moving from team to team would promote a company’s reputation quickly, be it good or bad!

Back then, a stark lesson learnt by the team was that parts could be rejected on their aesthetics alone, even though they conformed to drawing tolerance.  Not only did the parts have to perform well, but they had to look good while doing it! “Looking back, it was a great learning process for building a business model that ensured top quality parts were produced that looked fantastic and delivered on time”. This attention to detail has since served High Tech Engineering well as they have moved in to new sectors such as Aerospace.

“We have a saying here that ‘we might never be the biggest but we can always be the best’, and our goal with any customer is to become their top supplier for service, quality and delivery. That commitment does not come easily and you must have a team of like-minded people who appreciate the implications of poor performance. While the customer is not always right we take a proactive approach to resolve any customer issue as soon as they arise. We strive to impress and try to make working with us as stress-free as possible”.

In order to deliver on their promises, High Tech Engineering have a robust quality management system and measure key KPI’s to ensure they deliver conforming products to the customer. This is the model adopted and developed by the business to maintain and guarantee a sustained high level of service.

“I have always said business is simple, it’s just people that make it complicated. If you place an order on us, we will deliver on time and in full, then you pay us on the date we agreed. Obviously there are a lot of variables in that process but what we always focus on is our contractual obligation and to do that very efficiently in the timescale required to make it as easy as possible to deal with us".

“That initial understanding from the beginning that we’re only as good as the last job delivered, has stayed with us as a reminder of the potential pitfall of what might happen if complacency sets in. I think it has been fundamental in why we continue to maintain a successful business which will celebrate 30 years at the end of 2015. 100% quality and delivery and a good level of service should be a given anyway, why should customers be satisfied with anything less”.

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