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Renishaw Equator joins the team!

Posted by Graham Tickner, Manufacturing Director, High Tech Engineering

The team at High Tech Engineering  have recently started using the state-of-the-art Renishaw Equator – allowing for the measuring and testing of components to be undertaken in a more cost effective and time efficient way.

The equipment has been developed by Renishaw as a means of measuring items from medium to high volume production to ensure that the exacting standards of High Tech Engineering are met on each batch run. It works by comparing the manufactured parts against one master part, gauging all the features in a single operation with an immediate pass/fail decision, along with a report of the component dimensions.

Previously, High Tech Engineering had relied on work-cell-based point-to-point contact gauges. The Equator now allows newly trained staff to use dimensions from an approved component to “zero” the system, setting the standard for all future components within that production line.

The new equipment can be used on multiple parts, meaning High Tech Engineering can perform highly repeatable and fast automated routines across numerous contracts - resulting in significantly reduced labour costs. By overriding the need to use manual gauges, which can be timely and expensive to create and operate, the cost saving can be considerable.

Another key benefit harnessed by High Tech Engineering is the Equators’ thermo insensitivity. Temperature changes within the workshop environment (which would usually affect the gauging process) now have no bearing on reporting, meaning data collected on the shop floor equivalent to that collected in a temperature controlled quality room.

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