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SC21 - how it works for us!

Posted by Steve Tickner, Managing Director, High Tech Engineering

Creating high standards within your supply chain is a challenge that exists within every industry – and none more than in the aerospace and defence sectors.

It has long been proven that having formal benchmarks in place, to encourage leaner production methods and operational improvements among your SMEs, drives the industry forward and bolsters performance.

And from the supply chain’s point of view, being able to formally demonstrate your commitment to delivering a top quality customer service, helps in not only attracting the customer base, but retaining it.

Therefore, SC21, the change programme aimed at raising standards of the supply chain within the defence and aerospace sectors’, was an obvious choice for us when we decided to sign up.

The benefits, since joining in 2008, are integral to the company’s overall performance and have been a crucial factor when winning some of our biggest contracts. Being actively involved and having achieved a sustained level of success means key primes can easily identify High Tech Engineering (HTE) as a trusted manufacturer who is committed to high performance levels. It has raised our profile within the industries in which we operate and has been an invaluable marketing tool.

But it’s not just the commercial boost that has been beneficial; the programme has opened communication channels between us, our peers, and our key clients - improving relationships and processes throughout the manufacturing phase. This has resulted in an improvement of the overall contract management process and means our customers are now getting the best possible service.

Promoting an environment where pre-contract discussions and planning is encouraged, directly leads to fewer customer complaints. By identifying areas which have been problematic in the past, we can work alongside the client to develop better business practises, whether that be achieving labour and set-up time reductions or undertaking consistent forecasting.

We’ve also been given access to fantastic training opportunities for the entire workforce, as well as insight in to issues and innovations from within the industry – opening up a network of experts to impart knowledge with and to allow for the sharing of best practice!

With over 600 signatories SC21 is working to effectively develop and build a competitive environment, capable of delivering cost effective solutions which meet the very highest quality standards.

SC21 also identifies its top performers through an award scoring system, which ranks its participants based on adherence to the scheme. We are proud to say that HTE is in possession of 7 consecutive awards, having met the Bronze criteria within the very first year. After being presented with a 6th Silver Award at the last ceremony, we are now even more committed to raising our performance, and in turn, that if our peers.

High-Tech is on schedule to submit for a 7th consecutive Silver in 2015.

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