Top Supplier In Europe

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High-Tech ranked as the Top Mechanical Supplier in Europe by Astrium Satellites

Andrew Lancaster Head of Direct Material Operations UK informed Managing Director Steve Tickner of the achievement recently during a Supplier Evaluation and Development Process meeting.


High-Tech already an A rated supplier with Astrium are now working towards Master Supplier Status in the near future.


MD Steve TicknerIt is always our goal with all customers to become strategic in terms of performance. We might never be the biggest supplier but we will always strive to be the best at what we do and this recognition by Astrium is testament to our commitment and determination to achieving that. We realised some time ago that to survive in our field it was paramount to offer a first class service, and certainly now in the present economic climate that is even more relevant. Along with our continued success on SC21 we are beginning to set an example of what can be achieved given an opportunity to supply and are encouraged by the support from Astrium in helping us move nearer to our goal of Master Status which is based on Commercial, Quality, Logistics, Technical and Customer Support criteria. We have always had an excellent relationship with Astrium as they understand the value of on time quality and delivery performance due to the critical nature of their build schedules and we are all extremely proud of what we have achieved to date and delighted to be the top supplier in Europe." 


Astrium SED Team. Kavita Patel, Keith Kelly, Andrew Lancaster, Gary Birch and High-Tech MD Steve Tickner